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Tribute –
To The Fallen Heroes
Epilogue –      How Quickly We Forget


Excerpt from Chapter 13
       Each Breath a Presumption

       ... terror in the woman’s crackling voice flashed R.J. across Dan’s mind.

God have mercy! It cannot be allowed!

Dan vaulted from the cruiser. “WHERE?”

“HE’S ONLY TEN. SAVE HIM!” the woman cried pointing toward the bridge.

Her pleading faded behind as Dan sprinted there. She tried to follow, but slipped on mud and fell. Dan continued full speed to the bridge where two more women shouted in frenzied confusion.

The channel had risen to inches below the bridge. Dan looked over turbulent water seeing a young boy clinging to a branch from a fallen, submerged tree. The fierce current jerked at him like a hungry predator, long hair whipping inches above the swells as his head snapped back and forth.

“Help me…someone….help,” He cried weakly.

Dan turned to the two women on the bridge. “Get some rope! Anything! FAST!”

Ben arrived with the mother. “Fire Company notified.”

Dan stripped his gun-belt tossing the cases and weapon in the cruiser. He fitted it around his chest under the armpits as the women returned with a rope.

“It’s not very heavy,” Ben warned.

“It’s not long enough to double. It’s all we have!” Dan said kicking off his shoes. “You’re bigger. Anchor me.”

Ben secured one end of the rope to the back of Dan’s makeshift belt harness, and wrapped the rope around his waist. “Good to go!”

A nod of confirmation between them and Dan was over the rail. Ben worked the loose end like a rappelling line. Seconds, long as hours, passed before Dan broke the murky surface. With labored strokes, he tried to navigate toward the boy’s cries. Ben played out rope. The current pulled Dan downstream jerking Ben against the rail.

Dan struggled crosscurrent. The pulsing resistance on the rope told him Ben was having trouble.

Long enough? Strong enough? Can he keep me from sweeping past?

Suddenly, the rope became taut.


Dan struggled to turn and work back, but the current sapped his strength.

“We got you! Get the lad!” Gary Follert shouted at him, as the rope fed out again.


Dan could hear them counting cadence “Release – hold -- release…” He felt a surge of confidence as the rope played out smoother.

Bystanders gathered, drawn by the sirens and commotion. They cheered the boy, “Hang on! Help’s coming! Don’t let go!”

The boy faced downstream. Because recovery efforts were behind him, he didn’t know how close. Increasing dread glued the boy in place. That was good. Any movement risked dislodging the limb. Additional sirens were heard as more fire companies arrived. People gathered in the now drizzling rain. Finally, the joint undertakings brought Dan near the boy.

Closing on the boy, Dan yelled, “Hang on! Don’t let go! I’ll get you!”

“Hurts!” the boy sobbed, “Hurry.”

“Almost there!”

Dan reached out. The onlookers cheered. At Dan’s touch, the boy’s strength gave out. Dan’s arm wrapped the youngster as they slid into the water. Both boy and rescuer disappeared beneath raging swells. In still anticipation the bystanders could almost hear the lapping current smacking its lips.

God, don’t let me lose him.

“HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!” Ben shouted to Gary.

The rope tightened.

Then a head appeared followed by another. The crowd cheered. Firefighters hauled equipment to the bridge and alongside the creek. Additional ropes were thrown. Dan dared not reach out for fear of losing his grip on the boy. Ben anchored the taut line across his buttocks like a mountain climber. Gary and two firemen now worked in the cramped space to pull in Dan and the boy. His back was toward the bridge; Dan only heard the clatter of the rescuers.

“Almost there, kid.” Dan encouraged, holding the boy tight, ignoring his own problems and uncertainties. Dan fought the cramping in his left arm which encircled the lad’s chest. The force of the surges lifted them, keeping the boy’s head above water, and bobbing Dan’s like a giant cork.


Soon Dan and the lad were within feet of the bridge. Firemen reached out with poles, but Dan couldn’t see them. The crowd was cheering and shouting in celebration. When they were near the bridge, two firefighters reached for the boy.

Hallelujah, we’ve done it! Dan thought as sudden pain engulfed his body. A limb carried in the torrents collided into his side and shoulder. The taut rope snapped from the impact. Dan went limp. He released his grip.

The channel swallowed Dan as surely as the whale, Jonah. Nature defies man’s arrogant belief he can harness it. Natural law cannot be denied without repercussions, and the overbearing stream resolved to prove it.

“Must take…a breath…can’t! Feel nothing. Lungs on fire. Fight it! So, this is my final gasp. It’s a proper way for a cop, BUT NOT THE CHILD? Did Ben grab him? I can’t feel him – anything! IS HE GONE! Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for another” My chest is gonna explode! The boy…must get him to shore...can’t feel him. . Life’s duration’s a thrown die. Each breath’s a presumption. Only save the boy. Failing -- it is for nothing. I did not let go for myself! How could I? Go ahead, BREATHE…I don’t care…to fight anymore. Didn’t expect such peace… sense of floating… wish I could tell them...
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