Progressively, the behavior of people explodes reason, exposing our depravity and revealing humanity inhuman. A growing populace void of civility contravenes logic, and that is why I am compelled to write about it.  Should society pause, take note, and seek understanding to its origin, it is possible it may find the understanding to live in peace.




Author's Bio
Kenn C Kincaid

          I was born at a very early age ...[time passes]... graduating high school, I began the dream of my era - college and success. I pursued and Associates  Arts Degree, then took on Architectural Engineering. The Viet-Nam era cut the college career short by three credits, and I found myself attached to the Army CID [Army Criminal Investigation Division]. Two years delay, I returned, and my first real job was architectural detail drafting. There, I encountered a fundamental truth valuable to my life’s journey: foundations, long buried, are often overlooked causing system failures. For numerous reasons, I soon  moved on and joined the Cincinnati Police Division. Immediately I discovered the 'street cops' work did not fit preconceptions.
While pursuing the policing career, I attended the University of Cincinnati obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Policing Sciences. I was fascinated by the psychology and social customs relative to criminology. Most specifically, the “Etiology of Anti-Social Behaviors”; a study in the origin of crime. It quickly became obvious to me, no one knew why crime existed; therefore none knew, how to control it, or how to rehabilitate criminals. Yet, to me, it was undeniable: if crime has a cause, it has a cure.
       After ten years patrolling the streets, I made Sergeant. After decades of reacting to crime and contemplating the little difference and lack of headway law enforcement made, Ilaid down the badge and picked up a Bible. A new direction meant training, and I completed A Bible Diploma and began pursuing a Master of Divinity. I have served as a pastor of two churches [Kentucky and Ohio], worked in several church administration-ally, as well as small church efforts in Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, and Florida.

  Combining the many years of policing with philosophies/theology encountered in church work has brought a lifelong quest in reach. To wit; understanding a viable answer to the question of criminal; behavior. It is based in 'foundations long buried', and has an obvious cure. Unfortunately, as children with castor oil, the masses perceive it as a nasty tonic and avoid it. This cure is a common thread in the Pig's Eye Trilogy, as well as Abel Rose Mystery Series, and the explicit focus of Earth's Melt; A Treatise in Origin and Demise. There will be an accounting of our lives. Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise making the most of your time, because the days are evil.  [1]  

[1] New American Standard Bible : 1995 Update. LaHabra, CA : The Lockman Foundation, 1995, S. Eph 5:15-16     

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